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RightsWATCH allows information to be classified and protected with Information Rights Management (IRM), without requiring additional work or effort from the user. The result is a security paradigm which supports a positive user experience, leading to quicker, more widespread IRM adoption with tighter security across the enterprise.

RightsWATCH leverages data encryption and Information Rights Management (IRM) to enforce Role-Based access control on email, messages and files

IT security officers have long struggled with the “external users” dilemma, i.e. ways to control access to sensitive corporate information across a myriad of third parties that need access to the information.

This has been a show stopper for many organizations implementing Information Rights Management (IRM) as the default access control technology for unstructured file formats.

Leveraging RightsWATCH’s unique integration with RMS, the information shared with internal and external parties remains protected and users don’t have to change their workflow.

Best of all, you can rest assured that the receiving party is in fact the intended recipient and that Role-based Access Control (RBAC) policies are enforced on those with whom you share a file or an e-mail of a sensitive nature

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