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RightsWATCH seamlessly extends Microsoft’s Rights Management (RMS), delivering persistent encryption of sensitive data on smartphones and tablets. Data classification, labeling and detailed rights handling policies are applied and enforced on classified email messages and files being handled on iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

RightsWATCH allows enterprises to address the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend without compromising security

The emergence of intelligent mobile devices has turned the concept of a 'secure network perimeter' upside down. No longer is corporate information contained solely on secure, managed servers, storage, and computer devices. Now, some of the most vital and sensitive corporate information travels the globe on the same device as social networking, games and kids' homework.

Mobile devices mean people can now access their e-mail from just about anywhere. Thus mailboxes have transformed into repositories containing large amounts of potentially sensitive data.

As a result, information leakage derived from a mobile device being lost, stolen or breached can be a serious threat to the organization, with the potential for lost revenue, competitive disadvantage, regulatory sanctions, diminished customer confidence, and more.

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