Data Loss Prevention

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How can RightsWATCH help?

A combined approach, where RightsWATCH automatically informs a DLP to take further preventative action, enables enterprises to have mechanisms to discover information, monitor its flow and protect it to prevent exfiltration (intentional or inadvertent), to ensure compliance with information security and access policies, and to maintain an audit trail for control and compliance

RightsWATCH enhances your existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives, taking the guess work out of identifying sensitive data

Information breaches resulting from the disclosure of sensitive data in email, documents, spreadsheets, PDF, etc. are widespread. The costs of such information losses are significant, while the risk mitigation difficult.

Many organizations make use of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to thwart security breaches perpetrated by malice or even by user negligence. Precisely configured, existing DLP offerings can deliver a comprehensive solution to the unauthorized disclosure problem. Unfortunately, precise configuration is often a daunting task.

By classifying and labeling unstructured data at creation, RightsWATCH vets the unstructured data with the enterprise’s document management policies. Thus the DLP can implement very precise, deeply content-aware decisions about the asset.

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