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RightsWATCH exemplifies what today's information security experts know about protecting confidential information. By automatically classifying data right at the point of origin, the organization has much higher confidence that risk is mitigated and the proper treatment of that information can be applied by users throughout its lifecycle

RightsWATCH properly classifies information as it is created so it can be handled appropriately

Implementing a solid Information Classification Policy (ICP) is the first step to protecting sensitive information. RightsWATCH allows enterprises to set up and enforce an ICP, as it relieves the user from the workload and overhead of having to know, understand and apply corporate policies, while at the same time increasing user and organizational awareness of the value and sensitivity of the data.

RightsWATCH enables enterprises to classify legacy files, current files and e-mails, via a policy driven and/or user driven fashion (by user override if corporate policy allows it), to significantly reduce liability in the event of breach or exposure, by delivering a comprehensive audit trail for real-time data analysis and data intelligence.

RightsWATCH delivers Intelligent Time Access (ITA) controls that allows the automatic update of the classification of MS Office files after a specified date in the future. ITA is particularly interesting in situations in which classification levels are related to projects/initiatives that have an expiration date and/or whose sensitivity decreases/increases after a specific day in the future.

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