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How can RightsWATCH help?

RightsWATCH allows you to know what sensitive data exists in the organization, where that data resides, what is the value of the data to the organization and who is authorized to access and use the data.

RightsWATCH supports a successful Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) initiative even if users don’t know how to

Organizations deal with increasing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements. At the heart of these GRC mandates lies the need to identify, classify and label sensitive information. RightsWATCH can classify data in accordance with your information classification mandate

RightsWATCH dynamically classifies all type of information (email, documents, reports, worksheets, etc.) in accord with your organization’s predefined policies and standards.

Once classified, that information can receive any markings, disclaimers, etc. that are required by statutory, regulatory, or contractual obligations. This can be done without the common user even needing to know what the policies are, much less remembering to implement them.

The result is that the organization remains compliant, avoids breach and limits liability. RightsWATCH remembers, implements, and supports your company’s security requirements…even if all of the users don’t.

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