TypeWATCH 4 Individuals

TypeWATCH 4 Individuals is a “plug & play” software that protects anyone’s laptop or desktop against hackers with authentication passwords or tokens

The B2C version of TypeWATCH

It features state-of-the-art, hardware-less keystroke dynamics technology to continuously verify that the people using a computer system are actually who they say they are

What is TypeWATCH 4 Individuals

TypeWATCH 4 Individuals (TW4i) is a “plug & play” application to ensure that only you can use your desktop or laptop, even if your username and password have been compromised.

Immediately after installation, TW4i starts building your e-biometric profile, while your typing on the computer. When the profile is complete, TW4i stops intruders who might have gained access to your computer.

The identity verification of the user is continuously running in the background, transparently to the user. Thus, there’s nothing the user needs to do in order for TW4i to provide constant protection.

TW4i provides a range of threat mitigation options if a breach is detected, from requiring an additional password entry to locking down the system entirely.

How TypeWATCH 4 Individuals works

Once TW4i is installed and running on your computer, it will start building your profile, “learning” from the way that you type on the keyboard. Once, your profile is completed you’ll be shown a message, and TW4i will start protecting your computer.

You can then start typing in any application for text inputting (e.g. Notepad, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, …). Regardless of the application you’re using, you'll remain protected.

The identity verification is triggered once for every 125 valid characters you type. This process runs in the background and is absolutely transparent to you. Thus, there’s nothing you need to, in order for TW4i to work.

You can explore all available settings in TW4i (e.g. change the security level, pause or check your statistics, …) just by clicking on the TW4i icon, that sits on your desktop system tray.

Download TypeWATCH 4 Individuals below for FREE

We invite you to try out TypeWATCH for Individuals and see this unparalleled keystroke dynamics solution in action

Download TypeWATCH for Individuals and you'll be able to use it for FREE, for 30 days

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