RightsWATCH and “Data Reclassification” from legacy systems

March 13, 2017

Watchful has released version 7.3 of RightsWATCH, information classification solution. This new version includes new and improved features designed specifically to meet customer requirements to tackle roll-outs on a world scale. Such is the case of the new “Data Reclassification” policy in RightsWATCH.

Enterprises are moving away from user driven data classification tools to RightsWATCH policy driven approach to ease the burden on the user, as well as not have those rebelled against having to deviate from their normal workflow.

In a scenario where enterprises are changing from one data classification tool to another, there’s a need to reclassify all legacy data that had been tagged by the previous tool. The ability to enable a seamless transition between tools, i.e. be able to do the heavy lifting in a bulk automated fashion, is paramount to organizations.

RightsWATCH now enables a Sys. Admin to define a context aware policy rule which reads from the “name” and “value” of MS Office custom properties and apply a RightsWATCH classification based on such tags. Per a setting on the policy rule, the previous tag(s) can be deleted and replaced with the new ones, or just added on top of the existing.

Being a policy rule and not an autonomous dedicated tool, it allows to reclassify previously classified MS Office documents in a bulk fashion or leverage the criteria “metadata” when setting composing policy rules that should attend to multiple criteria.

Looking at a day-to-day use case: Company “Y” has been using a data classification tool. The CISO wants to move to RightsWATCH and wishes to have all legacy files tagged with the new RightsWATCH custom properties, based on a previously granted tagged.

The RightsWATCH Sys. Admin sets up a MS Office Policy rule which reads from the metadata (aka custom properties) of documents and states which RightsWATCH classification to apply. Then RightsWATCH is set to scan and reclassify all files that reside on a specified file share or repository. Also, every time a user opens and tries to save a previously classified file, RightsWATCH will enforce the new classification schema, replacing the previous one.

Request a Demo to know more about RightsWATCH and the new and exciting additions to the feature/function stack of this best-of-breed information classification solution.

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